Kingdom Come: Deliverance – how does the in-game map compare to real world?


If you ever wondered how exactly does the medieval world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance align with the real world map of the Sasau region, here’s your chance to find out. Yes, all of the game locations are real and you can visit them (or what’s left of them today). And while the game takes certain liberties with the locations and the map and shuffles things around a bit, overall, it’s actually pretty accurate.


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IE9 and FF4 – the bane of readable fonts?


Until now, I’ve never really been interested much in things related to IE9 and hardware accelerated browsers in general – I admit that I don’t really care much for HW accelerated web and doubly so for IE9. When I’ve stumbled upon some complaints about font rendering in IE9, though, my interest was piqued – after all, font rendering is a regular subject on my Czech blog.


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Good thing there’s that IE8!


This is a direct translation of an article that was published yesterday as “commercial presentation” (stated in very small letters – although it also states that in the URL itself, yes…) on the web pages of this country’s most read newspaper (which sadly also happens to be one of the worst tabloids there are). Draw your own conclusions. And apologies for my not-that-great English, I’m doing the best I can.


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“Professional” localization of games


This article was meant to be published back in February 2009 along with its Czech counterpart, but for some reason I didn’t finish it back then and now it’s almost a year later. It really should’ve been done a long time ago, so sorry about that, but I figure late is still better than never. So the games mentioned here are somehow old by now, but that doesn’t make the translations less painful. And there’s one small bonus from November 2009, so it’s not like it’s ALL out of date…;)

This is supposed to show the English speaking world how awful and quite often nonsensical our localized games are (and you’re even for the most part spared the terrible word order these translations quite often use). First there’s an original English version, then there’s my attempt to translate the actual meaning of the localized text back to English. The “Czech” version is also in italics.


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