Workaround: Windows not auto-sleeping with USB sound card


When using a USB sound card, you might encounter issues with Windows no longer being able to enter sleep mode automatically. It seems there are issues with what Windows seems to call a “Legacy Kernel Caller”, a system component that’s apparently needed for at least some of the USB sound cards. I’ve been specifically encountering these issues using a Sound Blaster Omni cards/module. The issues for me are also accentuated by using an otherwise great piece of software called Voicemeeter, basically a virtual soundboard. While without Voicemeeter, my system is still sometimes able to auto-sleep despite the Legacy Kernel Caller issues, using Voicemeeter, it is pretty much never able to auto-sleep anymore (but to be fair to Voicemeeter, it seems this happens even with other options of re-routing sound device output to another device, like when using the Windows Listen feature, so it’s not really a Voicemeeter-exclusive issue). This is possibly because it somehow keeps the sound card “active” – I’ve noticed that the Legacy Kernel Caller power request block goes away at times while using the sound card on its own, it never goes away while using Voicemeeter. Why that is I can not tell you (but as far as Voicemeeter is concerned, it seems to do this with other sound cards as well, it’s just that you can whitelist them, unlike the Legacy Kernel Caller). But what I can tell you is that the system is still definitely able to enter sleep mode normally if activated manually, it’s just that the timer for entering it automatically seems to never start, so the system just stays on all the time.

Thankfully, there seems to be a kind of workaround for this, and it took me a while to find (in fact I’ve combined several separate partial solutions into one), so I though I might share it with whoever finds it useful. I can tell you there’s quite a few people asking about a solution to exactly this issue with the Legacy Kernel Caller system component.


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Kingdom Come: Deliverance – how does the in-game map compare to real world?


If you ever wondered how exactly does the medieval world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance align with the real world map of the Sasau region, here’s your chance to find out. Yes, all of the game locations are real and you can visit them (or what’s left of them today). And while the game takes certain liberties with the locations and the map and shuffles things around a bit, overall, it’s actually pretty accurate.


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Adding an unsupported controller to WRC7 (hopefully)


Upon getting the latest installment in the WRC game series, I quickly found out a very serious downside with the game – despite supposedly having this issue solved in one of the patches for WRC 6, WRC 7 seems to have a lot of issues with input devices, especially with some of the more custom setups simracers tend to have. In my case, I’m currently using the Thrustmaster T300 wheel, the G25 pedals connected via the USB Bodnar adapter and the G25 shifter, again connected as USB device using a Bodnar adapter. When trying to bind my pedals and shifter (in sequential mode to be used as a handbrake), I’ve found out the game doesn’t seem to detect my pedals at all and I’m not able to bind them. As for the shifter, there didn’t really seem to be an issue – binding the sequential as a handbrake button worked more or less fine out of the box. But the pedals were the main issue – obviously I want to be able to use my customized modded pedals in the game.

With some experimentation, I managed to come up with a very awkward and bizzare way to at least make the game see the pedals and be able to bind them, but there were still several issues. One of them was I had go through a very specific and awkward process every single time I started the game, and also the game only responded to the second half of the pedal travel. So I tried to poke a bit more – and seems like I have found a way to add a previously unsupported controller to the game so you don’t have to do any weird things to make the game see the controller and can bind it without any problems.


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Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO


(Note: This is an English version of my original Czech text published on my main blog. If you speak Czech, you might want to read that one instead, though currently, this version is a bit more detailed in certain areas and my notes on force feedback and multiplayer have been added here. I’ll update the Czech version as time allows. Also, do note that even though I try, I’m not a native English speaker, so if there are some mistakes related to that, I apologize.)

Lately, there’s been quite a lot going on in the world of PC rally gaming. The second quarter of last year was marked with the appearance of the amazing Dirt Rally which recently left the Early Access program, is now available as final product and is also coming to consoles in April. Then there was the next installment of the WRC games series, this time made by an entirely different developer. Sadly, WRC 5 was a real disappointment, as the game was pretty bad. And now, the final three of the current rally sims was released – meaning Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO by Milestone, who were also responsible for all of the previous four WRC games and who also don’t have the best reputation within the gaming community. And looking at the reactions on the release, that fact is pretty obvious – should the potential buyer decide solely based on what the people on the internet are saying about SLRE, he’ll probably avoid anything SLRE related entirely. But would that be justified? In my opinion (as you can probably guess), not really. Before diving in further into this post, though, please note that the opinions stated are entirely my own and that the majority of people coming to miscellaneous internet forums would stronly oppose them – though it also needs to be said that a big portion of said people tends to express their opinions in a rather…how to put it exactly…simple way? In any case – consider yourself warned. Maybe my views on SLRE are completely off.


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