Pictures from Britain


A few days ago I’ve managed to visit Britain once again after a really long time (oh boy, does the time fly…), although very briefly. Here are some of the pictures from my travels to the places I longed to go back to and managed to squeeze them into the quite busy schedule I had.

Seriously, though – what the hell is wrong with you people? I used to really love Britain, perhaps more than my own country, and was seriously thinking about living there, at least for a while. Nowadays, I hate to even think about going there for a visit, I’d be too scared I’d do something that isn’t allowed anymore. Like taking pictures. Wake up, it’s almost too late…

(And, in case anyone still didn’t get it – no, I didn’t go there. Last time I was there was something like 1995, I think. Great memories. Too bad that country doesn’t exist anymore…)

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Let’s rock!


Well then. Most of my posts on my current blog are really only meant for the Czech readers, but from time to time there are those I’d (at least in theory) like to target to a wider audience. I’ve done it in the past simply by posting billingual posts, but it’s really not THAT elegant. Hence, this English conunterpart of my blog was born today. There will probably be very few posts as my main focus still remains on my Czech blog, but I guess this way the occasional posts will be much more conveniently available for the occasional English speaking visitor.

So let’s see how this goes.

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